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Bracknell Security and Manned Guarding is a trading division of Facilities Resource Management Limited -
Bracknell Security and Manned
Guarding company
CCTV cameras and recording systems installation, maintenance and hire in Bracknell
Short and long term hire of CCTV cameras, burglar alarms, portable
wireless intruder, smoke, fire and flood alarms and security fencing
Church security solutions in Bracknell
Concrete barriers hire in Bracknell
Fly tipping hidden cameras in Bracknell
Portable wireless alarm system hire in Bracknell
Temporary and event security fencing hire in Bracknell
Overt and covert surveillance CCTV cameras and recording systems installation and maintenance.
For purchase or hire.
Church security solutions
Affordable self-powered wireless intruder, flood and fire detection and alarm systems with either text
messages to your key holders or telephone contact from our Alarm Receiving Centre.
Can be combined with mobile security patrols and/or key holder alarm response services.
Concrete block hire
Concrete barriers to prevent intruder access and parking
Temporary and event fencing hire
Heras and temporary or event security fencing to hire
Portable wireless alarm system
'Alarm in a box' can secure your premises in minutes - does not need access to electricity or a
telephone line.

Can send intruder, fire, smoke or flood alerts to key holders mobile phones or our Alarm Receiving
Centre can telephone them.
Fly tipping hidden cameras
Hidden cameras and alarm systems can be combined with covert surveillance by security
personnel to obtain evidence